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June 2016

Joma soccer shoes are quality shoes from Joma that is mostly used by the soccer player. The sleek designs and ultra-flexible features make it a favorite sports brand for indoor soccer. The Joma soccer shoe collection has grabbed the world by a storm with the best and more sell shoes for soccer games. This post is all about the world of soccer that you must know.




These beautiful shoes make as a business by many people. To make this beautiful game of soccer corruption free, open auctions should be held to give hosting rights to the highest bidder or by giving the right to defending champion or by rotating the tournament across the globe between continents. Blatter had resigned his post in response to his corruption charge. For them, only the beautiful game matters not the ugly hands in which it is in. But it made football lose its trust in many other countries where this sport just starts its development.

These corruption scandals made many of these fans to think that ‘is the game is genuine or money plays even on the field too. FBI suspect Russia also made payment to host world cup. Though there is lots of politics and corruption in that, football fans from Europe, Americas, does not care about them. He also agreed he has received payment for telecasting rights. Sepp Blatter, 80 years old ex-president of Federation International de Football Association commonly known as FIFA, a football governing body and other members of accused of getting paid for handing over 2022 world cup hosting rights to Qatar.

Almost half of the world watched the world cup

Nearly half of world population had watched last world cup which is held in Brazil in 2014, Meanwhile praising its popularity it has come to spotlight that this beautiful game lies in the ugly hands. Many corruption scandals have come to limelight in recent years from telecasting right corruption to payment involved in giving hosting rights. Soccer is more than any other game has some 250 million of players across 200 countries making it the greatest sport in the world. Soccer is a beautiful game with a lot of fans across the globe. The real beauty of the game is due to its widespread in the world from east to west and from north to south.

Soccer is considered as one of the religions across the world. By taking this necessary actions corruptions can be reduced. Rather of giving hosting rights to Qatar they should give it countries to America and some Asian countries where the game just starts thriving, where they already have stadium instead of wasting money in building newer ones. Many think that why do they hosting rights to Qatar in the middle of summer, but they reason behind this is now revealed.

Michelle Obama’s venture

Additionally, Michelle Obama’s, venture going for distributing with weight in American kids through eating routine and games have as of late advanced soccer as a positive action. A lot of games including cricket, rugby, badminton etc. have technology to review the decision that made on the field but why not soccer use these technologies to review any foul or penalty. This will improve the reliability of the game among the fans from new football playing countries. Most of the games lost their popularity in countries where they just start thriving.

Cricket the second most popular game lost its popularity in many countries due to its match-fixing scandals. F-MARC, the research unit of FIFA, is a focal accomplice in the task and the exploration gives exploratory documentation to activities, for example, FIFA’s recently send “The 11 for Health” it is a programmer wherein they teach the kids on how to stay healthy and how football has been implemented in several countries. All of those above are the things you need to know about the world of soccer sports game.

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