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October 2017

Online slots become very popular that there are urban legends and myths about it. If you ever questioned when is the best time to play online slots, you may have heard rumors about it as well. If you plan to win these games seriously, it is wise to find an answer to this question.

  • A Theory on the Best Time to Play Online Slots

The first popular theory about this believes that the days when you play the online slots like in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website it affect the payout percentage you will get from the online casinos. However, you must question, is it true? Many full time gamblers and professional slot players believe it is true. An online casino commonly offers average percentage, for example 94-96%, for gamblers. How they keep it consistent from day to day is how it answers the theory.

When is the Best Time to Play Online Slots

The busiest days for most, online casinos if not all, are during the weekend. Friday, Saturday evening, and Sunday mid-day are the busiest for them. Busy days for an online casino also means it is earning big money with so many people are playing the slots games. The weekends will show the highest level of profits for them. During the following days this payout percentage will get even higher. In some special cases, it can reach around 180% to 200%, which is an effort by the online casino to get the average back on its track.

So of course, it is fun and entertaining to play during the weekends, but playing on Monday will be a nightmare. If you lose a lot during the weekend, don’t try to get a payback until the mid-week. The best days to play online slot are mostly from Tuesday to Wednesday, when payout percentage is at the highest peak.

  • Fact Against the Theory

The current fact you will often find is an online casino will generally offer higher payout percentage when there are more people playing, which means the weekends. The theory above can be a lot of non-sense, especially with the fact that online casinos don’t temper with the slots machine. The software will automatically tighten back when many games are won over. It’s just that simple.

However, the theory above may have a solid basis. Several online casinos today like to offer better payout to players on certain days, like events, for certain games. So, the theory isn’t completely nonsense as well.

  • Your Chances for Bigger Earning

If you want to earn better, you should sign up when an online casino tells you to sign up for an online slots tournament. Regardless your stake size, you will get the highest percentage for your payout when you win the game. During holidays and New Year, many online casinos also offer seriously high payout percentage for new signups or winnings. Seize this time if you want to earn more.

In conclusion, there are times when you can actually win big time by playing online slots. Tuesday and Wednesday probably will answer when is the best time to play online slots. However, tournaments, holidays, and New Year will be the biggest days you need to try. Good luck

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