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June 2016


Ways in a gamble can increase chances of winning a bingo game. Bingo game has strict regulation but a gambler has several Ways in a gamble can increase chances of winning a bingo game.

Ways in a gamble can increase chances of winning a bingo game

The players cannot control the numbers that can be drawn; therefore they have a lot of work to do in order to make sure that the odds are increased.

Ways in a gamble can increase chances of winning a bingo game

Ways in a gamble can increase chances of winning a bingo game


Some of the ways in which the gamblers can increase their odds are discussed below;

  1. Be ready early.

This applies to all kinds of bingo games because it is a general rule. Being ready early at the bingo ensured the gambler is in a position to see the first ball being drawn and thus the player will be on his or her game. An example to explain this is the athletes in which they have to be there early enough so that they have humble time to prepare for themselves. Getting early to a bingo game will give a player a humble time to buy books they want and also they will have enough time to catch up with their friends.

  1. Counting numbers

This applies to ball bingo. Players who are familiar with the concepts of probability are in good position to enjoy this game. They may apply their knowledge and in the process, they can employ a complex theory which is used in the prediction. There will be a uniform pattern as how the numbers are called depending on the number of balls used in the game. Distribution of odd and even, high and low etc. will always be even. The longer the player is the game the more chances he stands for his/her number to be called. Players are thus advised to have basic knowledge in probability to increase chances of winning ball bingo.

  1. The Tippett Theory

This also applies for bingo balls game. The theory is about the randomness, which can either be true or not but the players have to judge for themselves. This theory states that the more numbers that are mentioned in a wheel-of-balls game the high chance that they will fall towards the median number. Understanding the theory when playing this kind of bingo game increases chances of a player wins the bet

  1. Play as many books as possible

Applied on the game of bingo by books, when playing this game it is possible for those who play it with few books to lose the bet because their books may not be called at all and thus have a zero chance. But having many books ensure that even if you will be missed out some of them there are some of them that will be called. A bingo game on books and having 10 players in the game and each of the players possessing one, means that each of the players stands a chance of 10% to win the bet

  1. Have knowledge of the game sizes

This tip applies on the bingo by books. Jackpots games played under this game are based on the number of cards available in the game and thus few cards in the game result to a small size of the prize to be won. In this case, players are thus advised to participate in the games that offer large numbers of a card and if they win the bingo they will win big prizes.

  1. Borrowing some advice from experienced bingo players

For players to increase their chances of winning the bingo on books they can seek advice from the players who have been playing the games for quite some time. This will give them an idea of the strategies that are used in playing the game.

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