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October 2017

Casino betting games always offer fun and excitement at the same time, therefore so many people come to the casino every day. They are beneficial to release the tension after working the whole day. But, how if there are no casinos in your city. Do not worry! You can play the games online now at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia and here are top three casino betting game that you can play online.

Top Three Casino Betting Game That You Can Play Online

  • Roulette

Roulette is a very interesting game. You do not need to count on something or apply a kind of strategy to do it. Just bet, watch, and win. This game is based on your own luck. So if you are lucky enough, play this online casino betting game immediately.

Roulette is the term for the wheel. You will find a wheel with numbers inside. Then, a little white ball will be tossed inside the wheel. Just, simply wait for the ball until it stops in certain number. If it is your number that you bet on, it means that you win. Easy right?

There is no certain strategy to play roulette. Some people may suggest to see if the wheel is tilting into a side, then the ball may be stop in that side. Unfortunately, you cannot use that strategy in online roulette game, as the computer and program control everything, the result may be scattered.

  • Sicbo

If you ever watched Chinese movie that have a casino scene, you will be familiar with the dice game. This game is called Sicbo. There are tree dices which will be shaken and then closed. You only need to guess the number that will appear.

This game is also fun because of its excitement and pure luck. You never can predict what number will appear, since you have number three until 27 to be guessed. Let’s hope that fortune is on your side while playing sicbo.

  • Baccarat

Baccarat can be said as the most popular betting game. This game use minimum a deck of card and there are two sides; the banker and the player. What should you do is betting on one of them or you also can bet on “tie” option, where the banker and the player have the same result.

To play baccarat, you need certain strategy and skill. But, you still can play it, just to have some fun. The 50:50 possibilities in this game make Baccarat as an exciting game to play. It is also a simple game to play without any kind of complicated rules.

Just a tips for you to play this game online, never bet on the “tie” option. There is nearly impossible to happen that the banker and the player will have the same result or tie. This is just the casino strategy to get your money.

There are top three casino betting game that you can play online. Have so much fun just from your home by playing those game online. But, you still can feel the sensation of live play which served by online casino sites. Stay at home, feel the casino, and win some money.

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