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September 2017

While playing and cherishing the fun of casino games, be it online casino or a real casino, it is considered as a felicity and a kind gesture to ‘tip’ the dealer, thanking them for their service. After all, the fun that people have and the money they take home is made possible only because of the dealers. In fact, if there had been no dealers, there would have been no casino games. Tipping in live casinos – what you should know, what you should do and not do, what are the good and bad sides to it?

Tipping in Live Casinos – What You Should Know

Tipping the game dealer is something that isn’t mandatory but has been a customary practice since ages. People have a lot of questions regarding tips, especially when it comes to live casinos where they don’t have to face the dealer face to face. But not anymore.

Tipping in Live Casinos - What You Should Know

Tipping in Live Casinos – What You Should Know

The Digital Method

When it comes to online casinos like Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website, the creators have provided the users and participants with the facility of leaving a tip or momentary reward for the dealer on the table. While playing and managing your data on the screen with several other options, you can find a leave tip option as well. Apart from this, the players can also connect and converse with the dealer via chat and then discuss about the tips.

How Much to Tip

This is perhaps the most frequent doubt that comes in the mind of the players, especially to those who are new to this. People find themselves in a peculiar situation, thinking of the amount to be given as the tip to the dealer. Doubts like “What if the amount I’m tipping is less?” or “What if the amount I’m tipping is too much?” and so on.

For this, people should know that there is no rule which tells the amount to be given as the tip. As previously mentioned, tips are not mandatory. And so isn’t the amount to be tipped. The tips may vary from player to player. Tipping is a courteous practice and it demands no set of rules. Tips are acceptable starting with a dollar, so the amount is totally uncertain and not absolute.

Why Tip?

As already talked, tipping is a courteous and customary practice. It is optional and totally depends on the player to make the decision to tip the dealer or not. But if you’ve decided to do so, then it calls for appreciation.

The casino employees are the people apparently receive a small amount as their wage for their service. But if they get a momentary reward, they appreciate it and give their best in making your gambling service memorable. Also, if you encounter a dealer which is helpful and friendly, why would you have a reason to not tip him/her?

The Ugly Side of Tipping

Every industry has a dark side, and so does the gambling industry has its own. In some cases, luckily rare, the tips that are given in the name of the dealer go to the pockets of the casino owner. The casino employees, who’re already at a low wage are left with nothing. But this doesn’t happen in large and trusted live casino clients. Also, it is highly recommended to the participants that the tips if you can afford to. This is because the house is always on profit and by giving away tips, the players reduce their profit margins themselves.

A tip is therefore, something which is given as a token of acknowledgement for the dealer’s service to the players. The tips, again, are not mandatory. But if you’re giving away money, irrespective of how much the amount is, you should know where it is going.

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