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June 2016

Swimming can be a sport and a fun recreational activity. Competitive swimming a kind of sport but there is competition, it is a competition for those athletes that are good in swimming, and this sport is one of the big competition in Olympics. The swimming is a sport or activity of moving in the water by moving the arms and legs. If you have a passion in this sport, you love to swim, you like the feeling of the water in your skin, you are very hardworking and determined then you might be successful in this career and the best is to be a well-known swimmer someday.


Like those famous swimmers that are really successful in their career because of swimming. Michael Phelps he is the best swimmer in the world now with a total of 22 medals in 3 Olympiads and he holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals. There is also a very famous person because of swimming this is a very inspiring story. There is a girl who had a polio at the very young age that weakened her legs and prevented her from walking easily. Her parents enrolled her in swimming class to make her legs stronger. At the age of 13 her legs were better and she can easily walk, even though her legs were normal she didn’t stop attending her swimming class. Then at the age of 15 she already mastered all of the swimming strokes and won her first race.



She became famous because she swam the English Channel which is the river between the France and England, she was the first woman to try this and because of that she got the title of “long distance swimmer”. Annette Kellerman aside of being famous as a good swimmer she become more famous as she act in two movies in the Hollywood. In her story the swimming become a way to her successful career she keep on working hard to overcome her disease and become successful as she discover her way to success by the sport swimming.

Those are just a few of the successful swimmers they become successful because they have the passion in what they are doing.

Swimming as a recreational activity

Well swimming is one of the very fun activity to anyone. It is also a good exercise for everyone who wants to be physically fit. Especially when the summer comes this is really a popular activity because of the extreme heat this is a suitable activity to ease the heat and to stay cool. When the summer comes the resorts and beach are jam packed because it is the perfect season for this activity. A lot of people are going to beach or resorts even though they does not know how to swim they are just not going in the deep part of the pool or beach to be safe.

Actually learning how to swim would have a lot of benefits especially when there is an emergency that needs the skills of swimming. For example you are in a boat and suddenly the boat gets in fire if you know how to swim you can save yourself or even save someone. There is also a lot benefits of this activity especially in health such as the muscles in your body will function well, also it can easily burn all you calories in your body, and this sport will strengthen your heart and lungs and so on. This sport is a very fun activity anyone can swim, if it is your passion to be a good swimmer and compete in some competition that will be great and you just have to work hard to be successful.

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