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October 2018

Slot is one of favorite betting games in online casino. It occurs because online slot game is a simple game compared to other games. Interestingly, bettors can place a bet from a game provider, Playtech. What is Playtech? What are games of this provider that are best to try? Read the information about slot best online betting games offered by Playtech in this post.

Slot Best Online Betting Games Offered by Playtech

Slot Best Online Betting Games Offered by Playtech

Slot Best Online Betting Games Offered by Playtech

Gold Rally

Gold rally is one of popular slot betting game that can be played on different slot gambling sites like e-gamesqq882 Malaysia’s trusted and leading online slot betting website. Additionally, it also provides amazing bonuses and features. The main aspect is the graphic of the game. 3D graphic animation is an interesting features that absolutely please your eyes.

Besides graphic aspect, jackpot bonus is another reason why this game gains its popularity. All bettors are able to gain big prize of jackpot bonus. With eight line of reels, it will expand your chance to obtain the jackpot bonus. Interestingly,the jackpot prize starts from 110.000 euros to 10.2 million euros.

Since the game released, the biggest number of jackpot prize is 6.3 million euros. It shows bettors still have opportunity to get the bigger jackpot prize and this game is waiting the lucky one. The jackpot prize is available for 43 days in a year.

It means that you are able to win 10 times in a year. Moreover the number of RTP is high. 97.01 percent is the RTP of this game. Gold Rally is one of slot betting game offered by Playtech.

Atlantis Queen

The adventure of underwater is the main reason why bettors love this game. It happens because bettors will enjoy the under water life with great animation of sea queen character. You will be amazed with everything in it. Besides the amazing animation, bettors will obtain the great winning ratio. It shows that the number of reels and pay lines. This game has five reels and 25 pay lines.

Poseidon and Atlantis Queen are the main character in this game. Bettors will find The queen commonly on second and fourth reels. Once this symbol appears on the reels, you will gain great number of prize. The 3x multiplier bonus appears when temple symbols appears on the reels. Atlantis Queen is one of great slot betting game offered by Playtech.

Beach Life

As you guessed before, the theme is related with beach environment, sand and surf with winter blues away. The total average jackpot prize is 3 million euros and bettors can get it three times in a year. The maximum prize is eight million euros and the minimum is 500.000 euros.

With 20 play line and five reels, bettors can gain a big winning chance. Even though the bettors get small number of jackpot prize, eight million number is the main reason why bettors is playing this game. Having an equal opportunities to get the prize every day, there is no reason to delay placing a bet on this game.

Online betting game is a great option for those who love enjoying looking much money and happiness in a moment. Bettors will get astonishing experience if they play on best online betting games offered by Playtech. So what are you waiting for? Join a reliable gambling site like casinoonlineqq808 top casino live gaming website in Malaysia now and play all of these games!

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