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October 2017

The Chinese Fan Tan game may have been less popular as new casino games rise. Yet, a casino player better not to belittle this game as this game is not only easy but also profitable. Take a look at the following simple and useful tips to improve your chances in Chinese fan tan.

Simple and Useful Tips to Improve Your Chances in Chinese Fan Tan

#1 Familiarize yourself with the bet types

There are at least three main betting options you can use in playing the Chinese Fan Tan. They are Nim, Fan, and Kwok. If are able to master the bet types, you are then able to plan your next steps in the game. Here is how the bet types work:

  • Fan

It is a single wage on a single number. Choosing this betting type means you bet on 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 and means that you only have once opportunity to be right. If your chosen outcome wins, you will be paid three times of the winning bet.  Choosing this betting option will allow the House to have a big edge of 25%.

  • Nim

If you choose this bet, it means you place a wage on two out of four outcomes as a one unit, such as 2 and 3 or 1 and 2. If one of the outcomes wins, your payout will be at 2-to-1. From this winning you need to pay 5% commission and the House advantage of 2.50%.

  • Kwok

This betting option is another wager on two numbers with each of which can win. If you win, you will get even money. Choosing this betting option will let the House to have the margin at 2.50%. Study the betting options, then plan your playing strategy, and finally increase your winning chances.

#2 Familiarize yourself with the other basic elements of strategy

On top of understanding how different bets work in the game at online casinos such as Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, you also need to study other basic strategies of the game so can plan your winning strategy more meticulously.

During playing the game, if you happen to have a single card, you absolutely have no choice but playing the card anyway. Yet, if you later happen to have more than cards that you can play, a particular strategy needs to take a role in the game.

Assume you now have more than one playable card. Do check whether you have your end cards. The end cards are the aces and kings in each suit.

How to play the strategy then? You have to be able to force or persuade your opponents to play the cards in the suits where you have your end cards. Persuade your opponent by playing cards at the same suit. Always look at the suits having the end cards.

The simple and useful tips to improve your chances in Chinese fan tan above are indeed applicable. Be it a novice or an advanced, those tips above are easy to be executed. You can combine those tips with the ones you usually use. Ready to win more?

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