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June 2016

Online gaming has been very prominent and continues to be on top. Modern technology is one reason for this and as technology continues to advance, more and more innovations and online games will be made, and released to meet the demands of the online gaming community. And one of the sports games you will enjoy the most is paddle boarding. Let’s see in this post all the reasons why you have to play paddle boarding online!

Play Paddle boarding Online!

What is Paddle boarding?

There are various ways of doing healthy workouts. Some people prefer to perform outdoor activities and play sports. Jogging and brisk walking might be an effective way of losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle. However, choosing water sports sound refreshing and relaxing. Aside from strengthening the muscles, the person will feel fresh on the splash of the water. There can also be a chance to have a glance of the beauty of nature while doing the paddle boarding.

There is no fixed information when it comes to the history of paddle boarding. There is a wide range of details that are believed by the people who ventured on this sport. In 1960s, Paddle boarding became known in Hawaii. It started when a group of Beach Boys of Waikiki stand on longboards and used paddles for a more favorable view of the water sport, surfing. It continues to be recognized when the pro surfers still do this sport for training whenever the ocean is calm.

Play Paddle boarding Online!

Play Paddle boarding Online!

Other versions of paddle boarding

Another version of the paddle boarding’s origin is about the contribution of Laird Hamilton. In the early 90’s, he was searching for the perfect way on how to cross the train against huge waves. Through panic, he accidentally grabbed a canoe paddle, together with his surfboard. He began paddling and discovered that it was a good form of workout. With this information, many people wrongly believed that Hamilton invented paddle boarding.

Specifically, stand up paddle boarding is widely recognized for its help on burning 800 calories on a single hour. It is not as easy as mere swimming or surfing. It requires a person to remain on a standing position on an unsteady surface while maneuvering a paddle that is taller than the person holding it. With the help of paddle boarding, all muscles are being used.

While doing a paddle boarding, a person seems to perform both kayaking and surfing. Having this combined water sports, Paddle boarding must not be done when one had an idea of doing so. It must be performed after strengthening or stretching the muscles.

Fastest growing watersport

Gaining a 200 % of sales, it is considered as the fastest-growing water sport that is widely-known by various regions. Its benefits on the body encourage everybody to try this kind of sport. Due to the fact that it is a full-body type of workout, it helps on the improvement of one’s flexibility, core strength, balance, and cardio fitness without giving harmful impacts to the body. Despite the level of difficulty to perform the sport, both young people and the adults can try this exciting sport. High and complicated waves are not necessary to do paddle boarding. Instead, calm water is the best option when one ventured to this kind of sport. One can paddleboard on a lake, river and ocean.

Paddle boarding is a very ideal type of exercise. If a person wants a safer water sport, it can be performed on the weekend for a start of a healthier and fit body. It may give the person a figure he wants for the summer vacation.

Although the online gaming culture has been facing criticisms, gamers also have the initiative and concern about social stigma, which is gaming addiction. In general sense, the content of online gaming caters intrinsic motivations such as relaxation, fun, learning, competition and achievement. These are also behavioral factors, which allow gamers to interact virtually within the gaming community. Start to play paddle boarding online!

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