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June 2016

If you want to make your summer vacation in the beach exciting, why not try to do paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is an exciting and fun outdoor activities that suits for all types of ages. Read this post to know more about paddling boarding tips and tricks.

Paddling Boarding Tips and Tricks

Paddling Boarding Tips and Tricks

Paddling Boarding Tips and Tricks

If you want to know how to do a proper way of paddle boarding, below are some of the basic tips that you need to follow:

  • Choose the Right Size of Paddle Board that Suits for You. A 30’’ wide paddle board is ideal for those people who are just starting to learn how to do paddle boarding because the width will help them stable.
  • Do Practice in Flat Water. In order for you to test out your balance, all you need to do is find a flat and calm part of the water.
  • Get the Feeling of Doing Balance. Having a good balance is the best way in order for you to find it easy to do the paddling easily. With the help of the blade in the water, you can be able to have a lot of stability and balance.
  • Make sure that you hold the Paddle Right. The proper way of holding the paddle is with the use of your top hand placed on the handle along with your bottom hand which is placed comfortably down the shaft.
  • Use all the Strength that You Have. When you are doing the paddling, you need to push the top of your hands and pull using your lower hand. By using the both of your arms, it will help you push on the water faster.
  • Keep Moving Forward. Don’t just go your paddling activity in doing circles. You should move the board in a straight line so that you can explore the other part of the beach.
  • Always Keep your Head Up. By maintaining your head up, you will be able to have a good balance.
  • Get ready to get Soak in the Water. Definitely, expect that you are going to fall in the water. All you need to do is to make sure that there is a leash attached to your thigh or ankle in order for you to swim and get back to the board.

If you already get inclined in doing a paddle boarding, of course you need to have paddling tricks. Below are some of the paddling tricks that you can try when you already learn how to do paddle boarding:

  • The In-n-out by Jay Wild- It is a move where you will jump over the top of your paddle back and forth.
  • The Alley oop 180- this kind of trick for paddling board can be done in a swimming pool.
  • The River 360- It is a move that is basically a 360 degree in the white water.
  • The roundup by Phil Rainey- It is a paddling board move that do a full description of a round up that will make you turn 180 degree and push your paddle in order to turn it into the 360 degree.

Sports can also improve your mental health

Sports doesn’t only refer to the idea of being physically fit but it would also refer to the mental state of a certain individual. Once an individual is physically fit however mentally troubled or unwell, this individual might not be able to optimally function. Mental fitness could only be achieved once your body is definitely functioning well. You could help relax your mind as well as eliminate stresses through exercising regularly as well as eating right.

So why sports is important?

By simply knowing some paddling boarding tips and tricks, you could earn a lot of benefits. So, why it is important that an individual should be physically fit in sports like this? There is a fact that those people who are known to be physically fit are also considered to be a lot healthier. And with that, they are capable of maintaining their optimum weight and are also not prone to health problems like cardiac. As for the purpose of maintaining relaxed state of mind there is a need for an individual to be physically active. There is a fact that if you are fit both mentally and physically, you are also strong enough in facing the ups and downs life would give and could not be affected by the drastic changes that might happen.

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