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October 2018

The interesting part of the online game casino is that bettors can play a new betting game without taking a trip to a land-based casino. The example is a bullfight card game. This game can be played in lots of casino sites like casinoonlineqq808 top casino live gaming website in Malaysia. Slowly but surely this game becomes the first option for bettors around the world. What is a bullfight game? Is this an interesting card game? For these questions to be answered, the live bullfight card game rules that you should know will be discussed in this post.

Live Bullfight Card Game Rules that You Should Know

Live Bullfight Card Game Rules that You Should Know

Live Bullfight Card Game Rules that You Should Know

What Is Bullfight Game?

The bullfight is a traditional card betting game from China. Obviously, this game gains its popularity among Asian bettors. It is not a surprising moment that bettors try to find this game on the Internet. This game is the number one Asian bettors’ reference.

The bullfight is another thrilling betting card game that gives bettors different experience and interesting poker enthusiast. Apparently, this game is developed by one of the best gambling game providers, Asian Gaming. Bettors will get a magnificent experience of a land-based casino. For your information, this game is easily found in Macau casino or Hong Kong casino. Thanks to Asian Gaming that gives an easy way for bettors in playing bullfight game. With thousands of fans, bullfight game became an exclusive card betting game ever. After understanding the information above, it is a good time to understand how to play the live bullfight card game.

Live Bullfight Rules

At the beginning of the game, bettors should understand that they play against a dealer, not other players. This game is played by three to six players. Before the player gets the cards, they should place a bet. Then, the dealer will give five cards to the bettor equally at the same time. The bettors should arrange or combine the cards with an interesting combination of bull.

Once one player finishes to arrange, the dealer asks the player to reveal or show the cards on the table simultaneously. The dealer has two jobs: compare and rank the value of the cards. The player who gets the highest number will be the winner and it will be paid based on the payout table. The five bullfight card game rules are simple and easy to understand.

Value of Cards and Objective

The picture cards count 10, the aces are one, the number card has value like it states on the card. Keep in mind that three and six are interchangeable. The value is simple and bettors do not need to take much energy to remember it.  Then, it is a time to understand the objective. The bettors should arrange three cards that obtain a value of ten, twenty and thirty. And the two cards left to determine your bull. The higher your card is, the bigger you have. Keep in mind that the bigger objective is to beat the dealer’s card.

Understanding live bullfight card game rules that you should know will help you gain lots of wins. Try this game in any reliable online casino sites like casinoqq801 best live Malaysia casino site & online betting games. Hopefully, the information above motivates bettors to play live bullfight.

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