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September 2017

If you have been doing sports betting for a while, you may have noticed how the odds always change rapidly before and throughout the game. It may seem like nothing. However, with little knowledge, odds movement can be used to every bettor’s advantage. Let’s learn how to read soccer odds movements and win big overnight! There are several factors that influence odds movement, such as:

Learn How to Read Soccer Odds Movements and Win Big Overnight

  • Insider Issues

Not just sport enthusiasts, bookies follow the news as well. In fact, most of them get hold of all kinds of information of the match – all of the hottest ones. They do this to determine the possible interest for the site’s profit. This is how the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies win from bettors most of the time. News like injury or occasions where star players have to sit out the game usually plays a big role in this. However, please note that some betting sites work with media and pay them to make fake news, confusing bettors in research.

  • Imbalance

There are some professional players, or known as sharp bettors, that like to submit their bets last minute. They usually invest a big amount in their bets – big enough to knock the balance of the odds. This is how sometimes odds drop drastically near to the end of matches. There are also cases where the bettors are so influenced by the media that they cancelled their bets. The opposite effect from sharp bettors is that they made the odds rise instead.

  • Protecting Profit

Sudden drastic changes can also cause by midgame imbalance. As the factors of imbalance had mentioned above, sharp bettors and cancellations can cause drastic changes. The betting sites would do measures to change back the odds as well – even though it may not be as drastic, the difference can be seen clearly as they tend to jump far in consequences. If the odds suddenly have drastic changes without any news supporting, most of the time, it would be the betting sites protecting their profits.

With the knowledge of these factors, players can use the odds movement to their advantages. The most important part to do is being updated to trustworthy news, just like the bookies. You shouldn’t read only the morning news to win. You must know the real information. If possible, skim through every news available in the course of 24 hours before the games end that are related to the match. Make sure to read thoroughly and have the fastest access to the news. When you’re knowledgeable of all the news that has been posted up, it would be harder to fool you. Remember, sometimes news is fake, and there is a big chance that you might have been tricked for the betting site’s profit.

As you can see, odds movement can be really influential to the match result. Use the knowledge above to win. Please note that it is extremely important to read accurate odds movement. It’s better to use trustworthy betting sites as some may use odds movement for their own profit. Learn how to read soccer odds movements and win big overnight! Have fun!

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