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September 2017

If you’re interested in Baccarat, then you must’ve known the famous payback from tie bet. It is considerably way higher than the other options indeed. But counting the rare chances, how often would you win if you will place a tie bet in Baccarat? And, is it worth it to put a bet on tie? All of your curiosity would be satisfied below.

How Often Would You Win If You Will Place a Tie Bet in Baccarat?

  • Get to Know the Chances

Counting with Math, the probability of tie to appear in a turn is 9,53%. That means both player and banker would have the rest of the chance, leaving a very small window of the golden opportunity. That’s once every 26 turns with just a deck. Having the name ‘golden’ makes it rare indeed. However, there are some cases when a tie happened twice in a row. The dealer would often press the bettor by saying “Press ‘em, change ‘em, rearrange ‘em. Ties often repeat.”. Many of gambler follow that saying. However, in reality, the chance for it to appear twice is like finding diamond in a gold mine – not impossible, but an ever rare case.

  • House Edge and Odds

The odds for ties are way higher than the others indeed. It’s 8:1 or even 9:1 sometimes, looking more perspective than player’s or banker’s 1:1. Looking on such a big number, of course many bettors bound to want it. Don’t join them, though. No casino is generous enough to give such pay back rate without any price at all. The house edge on 8:1 pay back ratio is really high, which is 14.36%. That’s way too high, considering banker’s and player’s house edges are only around 1%! That means, each 100 dollars, bettors invested, around 14 dollars are taken from you. It’s a little more forgiving on 9:1 ratio, which gives 4.84% house edge. Both are still way higher than the other options, and therefore cannot be relied on when you’re trying to earn in Baccarat.

  • Is It Worth It?

Now, the big question: Is it worth it? The pay back really made everyone gulp, that’s for sure. However, unless you play at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, playing with ties only in Baccarat is a true gamble with fate. It is guaranteed to not appear often, or maybe never at all. However, when playing with 9:1 ratio, the risks are significantly lower. Usually, bettors would bet on ties at the end of the game when the ratio offered is 9:1. Rationally, it is not a logical choice. But to make it worth it or not is based on your own choices.

So, how often would you win if you will place a Tie bet in Baccarat? Not so much. Quoting from above, probably once in every 26 turns. If you wanted to earn from Baccarat, it would be best to rely on banker hand instead. But, if you really wanted to experience winning on tie even just once, learn to remember the cards that had appeared on table. Maybe, with a stroke of luck, you would get a tie at the end of the game.

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