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October 2017

Dragon Tiger is one of the popular online casino games that can give you satisfaction and abundant advantage. For players who already understand how to play it, the game would very easy with a great chance to win big money. One way that players can choose to bet in Dragon Tiger game is tie bet. So what it is and how often the tie bet win in Dragon Tiger?

How Often the Tie Bet Win in Dragon Tiger?

Great Chance to Win by the Tie Bet Way

As we know, Dragon Tiger game is quite simple and very easy to play. It uses 8 decks of cards, in which players can bet on the Dragon, the Tiger, or tie (draw). One card will be discarded at the beginning of the game. Then, the dealer will distribute two cards to each player, and both cards will be opened, one on the Dragon and one on the Tiger.

The side that gets the highest score will come out as the winner. For your information, the highest card value in Dragon Tiger game is the ‘King’ card. Meanwhile, the card with the lowest value is the ‘A’ card. On both sides, getting the card with the same value will be considered tie or draw.

The tie bet is actually a very interesting option to choose. It will pay you 8 to 1 from the total number of your bet. However, its house edge is too small, i.e. 32.77%. So how much players’ chance to win when choosing tie bet?

The first thing to do is to count the number of chances of the total number of plays. The all-possible hand combinations are 86,320 times. Then, the outcomes for the ties are 6,488, so your chance to lose is 79,872 cases.

Therefore, there are 1,456 outcomes can be suited as tie. It looks difficult to do by beginners, even for some professional as well. However, with the amount of profits that are very tempting, who does not want to try this bet option?

Tips and Trick to Play Dragon Tiger Game

Although it is hard to get a win chance by choosing the tie bet option, players can actually use some tricks to improve that chance. These tricks will also make it easier for beginners to learn playing Dragon Tiger game without the need to lose big money. Therefore, here is the following list.

  1. Choose a trusted betting site like Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia with a variety of promising but reasonable options.
  2. Start playing the game after you get the user ID from the site and already made the deposit.
  3. Understand the value of each Dragon Tiger card. Each player is very necessary to understand every value contained on the card obtained.
  4. You also need to understand how to expect the values on the Dragon Tiger card correctly so that no errors for your next move.
  5. Pay attention to your betting history to determine the your betting history to determine your next move.

It can be concluded that the tie bet option offers big outcomes despite the substantial risk involved. But what is it to fear? No matter how often the tie bet win in Dragon Tiger, as long as you use the right strategy, everything will go in the right way.

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