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October 2017

Football betting itself has already plenty of strategies for winning a bet. Now we have many kinds of Football betting, one of which is American Football Betting. Different football betting carries different strategies that you can use in Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. So, what are the top two helpful strategies to increase your chances of winning in American Football betting?

Mind your bankroll management

The very first thing to bear in mind before starting the betting is about bankroll. Don’t go try another strategy of winning a bet before knowing how to work with your bankroll. Be smart enough in planning and managing your bankroll management, unless you want to invite a disaster to your betting career.

Helpful Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Winning in American Football Betting

Before kicking off your American Football betting, always set aside a certain amount of money that you can afford to lose. This amount of money is called your bankroll. Regarding managing your bankroll, you can make a monthly bankroll, full season bankroll, or simply just weekly bankroll.

To be precise on how to manage your bankroll, take a look at the example below:

Let’s say you have $5000 bankroll for a full NFL season. To decide amount of money for each bet, please refer to the general rule of thumb for NFL betting, which is 2-5% a bet. Therefore, the range of amount of money you can use for each bet would be $100-$250. The lowest limit of your bet can be used for your smaller plays, while the highest limit of bankroll can be used for your favorite plays.

Last but not least, another tip about bankroll management would be not being too greedy to raise your bet once you win. NFL is a long season, plan your bet wisely and smartly.

Don’t just bet, plan and spot the best slot

After knowing how to manage your bankroll, the next strategy is to learn the best time in betting. Some bettors tend to place a bet on almost every game in every week. They seem just to do any bet without selecting the best time to do it. In the long run, this is going to be catastrophic. Do remember that in order to win NFL, you are supposed to find the best edges and then to capitalize them.

Do a little research and study what makes the best edge in NFL before deciding to bet on that. This pre-research before betting will tell you how many bets you should make in a week. It can 3 bets, 6 bets, or even at the least number of 1 or 2 bets of NFL.

Further, if you want to get more earnings from the bet, you have to find some food plays in every weekend on which you can place your bet. Once you found them, make bets of 2-5% of your bankroll.

The helpful strategies to increase your chances of winning in American football betting are simply about managing bankroll in the very first place and how to play it wisely. These may sound the basic strategies for punters, but who can build a high and big building without strengthening the foundation? Finger crossed!

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