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April 2017

The online slot with the theme of horse racing is so interesting. The name of the game is Frankie Dettori Magic Seven slot in PlayTech. The technique in playing the game is not far different with the usual online slot game you play. Here, you will find that there are some pictures with the same line. If you are successful, there are some rewards types. If you have been successful at frankie dettori magic 7 a Playtech powered slot play free or win real , there are some rewards you will get.

Frankie Dettori Magic 7 A Playtech Powered Slot Play Free or Win Real

There are some betting techniques from Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website you will find in this game. You should know it well so you can get the winning easier.

Frankie Dettori Magic 7 A Playtech Powered Slot Play Free or Win Real

Frankie Dettori Magic 7 A Playtech Powered Slot Play Free or Win Real

The bet per line

Use this button for choosing the betting value that will use. The minimum betting value in this game is 0.01. By clicking the button bet per line, the betting value you can add or reduce.

The line

Use the line button to decide the line total you will use. You can use the minimum line. It is one line or maximal line in 25. Adding the line total can be done by you easily.

The bet max

Use the bet max to use the betting maximally. It means that the value of the betting total and line total is maximal. Betting max means you will get better chance to win big at Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins on this game.

The spin

Use the spin button to around the reels. This button will round the reels at once.

The auto start

Use the auto start button if you will round the reels automatically in so many totals. It starts from 5 until 99.


This column will appear the reward value you will get.

The picture and the reward types

There is 13 pictures type in playing this game. Every picture has the reward value differently. The followings are some rewards you will get:

The wild symbol

This symbol has the meaning that can change another symbol except the scatter and bonus symbols. The reward value you can get in this symbol is:

  • Two pictures have the value 5
  • Three pictures have the value 400
  • Four pictures have the value 1000
  • Five pictures have the value 7777
  • The scatter symbol and free race games

There are three or more in this symbol. Then, you can exercise the horse racing. If you have been successful becoming the first winner, the reward is 35 times free games. Becoming the runner up will get 15 times free games. The third winner will get the reward in 10 times free games.

Playing the slot online game in the free symbol will get much reward. This is like the scatter and wild symbol. However, the free bonus race game and magic seven bonus will be gotten when playing the free game.

There are some reward kinds of value in this symbol. Those are:

  • Two pictures have value 1
  • Three pictures have value 5
  • Four pictures have value 25
  • Five pictures have value 250
  • The magic seven bonus symbol

When you see that there is this symbol on the reels, you can get the bonus feature. In this game, you will get some reward in cash. The way is you can choose one column at the horse racing area.

Every box has the different value. If you choose trophy, there will be a Frankie that is horsing. If you have gotten the winning, you will get some money cash. Then, the value will be multiplied.

  • The Frankie is shouting symbol
  • Three pictures have value 100.
  • Four pictures have value 350
  • Five pictures have value 1000

Actually, playing the online Frankie Dettoru Magic 7 A Playtech at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android is very interesting. Winning the game will be easier if you know the way.

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