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June 2016

Beach volleyball tips for beginners – Once you are looking for a social and all-body workout, you must also try.  The said sport is a great way in order to stay in shape and so have fun in the sun. But for beginners, beach volleyball could also be very intimidating particularly if they don’t have any experience with regards to sport.

Beach Volleyball Tips for Beginners

Not all that are into playing beach volleyball as beginners is transitioning from indoor volleyball. Once you are completely new to sport there are numbers of things that you must know prior to stepping out into the sand.

Beach Volleyball Tips for Beginners

Beach Volleyball Tips for Beginners

Some of the tips are the following:

  • You might want to wear the proper clothing which would let the air circulate as well as help you cool. You could wear loose fitting or athletic clothing like tank tops, shorts, and t-shirts.
  • There is a need to have plenty of water in order to hydrate with along with the change of clothes, sunscreen and also make sure to have a towel. You must bear in mind that you are playing outside and so nature might be unpredictable requiring you to be prepared.
  • The sand might be hot and could also hurt your feet. In order to prevent burns, dig the feet in the sand and make sure the foot is few inches under the top layers. This is a great way to keep the feet cool.
  • Make sure to have an idea about the court as well along with the needed equipment. Once you buy equipment, be aware of the differences of outdoor and indoor volleyball. There is a need to make sure that you are buying the right kind of the ball.
  • There are also no specialized positions as you play in beach volleyball so you might be doing it all as well. The said game is being played with two persons on every side and as you pick a side you should be ready to hit, block and dig.
  • You must also realize that the sand is tough to move and play in as well making you not capable of moving fast. This could reduce the vertical jump height as well as your timing. This would take a time to get adjusted that’s why practice running as well as moving laterally into the sand.
  • Due to the fact that sand is difficult to move in, it will also make you more tired than usual. As for you to survive there is a need to economize the energy through taking small steps. Once you take long strides you might lose power and could make yourself tired a lot faster.
  • Practice more! Just learn first the basics and the rest would just follow.
  • Be aware that a match would have three games or sets and so the first team that would reach 21 points is the winner. Two games won will be considered as the winner of the overall match. Once there is a need for a tiebreaker, the only needed points would be 15.
  • Every seven points the team would switch sides and there will be no rotation between the players into the court, however, serving the ball would be alternate.
  • Make sure to have great communication with the teammate as this would help in winning the game. It could also prevent certain injuries to happen. You might not want to run for the ball at the same time and then collide with one another.

Knowing some beach volleyball tips for beginners will help you a lot. In a sport like beach volleyball, everyone is indeed welcome even those that are considered to be beginners. Though there are still numbers of things needed to be learned about it will still be worth it and would be a lot faster and easier once guided with tips like those that are mentioned above.

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