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June 2016

Badminton for Everyone, let me discuss to you some information about the sport badminton. Badminton is known as the game of passion, as we know that it was appeared in the Olympic Games in 1972 as a demonstration sport but in 1988 after 16 years of its first time appeared in Olympic Games it was appeared as an exhibition sport. And people enjoyed a game with fastest running on the 44feet court. They wanted to watch the stamina, power, skills and the very important thing is player spirit. In this environment Badminton becomes the people’s choice because these all things like stamina, muscle, skills and player spirit are the prior requirement to be a badminton player.

Badminton for Everyone

Badminton Abilities and Procedure

Badminton Abilities and Procedure

Because this is not the game only but this is the fastest game. But still now it was not the full-medal game and there was something very important missing. But in 1992 it became a full-medal game. And in 1996 Badminton introduced itself in mixed doubles too. As the ancient time, people Enjoyed only real games like wrestling, Boxing, Horse riding etc. means they wanted the game where a player gives his or her anything to their game. The sport badminton is one of the familiar outdoor/indoor game that can be play by a single or double player. After reading this article, I hope it may help you getting some idea or information about badminton. There are many kinds of sports that can be played around the world. Almost all of us is popular to the different sports like basketball, football, volleyball, boxing, and also badminton.

Playing badminton is beneficial for everyone

Playing badminton influence many people, especially the children. It is very safe to play unlike the other sports. Nowadays, playing badminton can play online, it is more interesting for us because you don’t need to go the playground to play it because you can now play it when you are lying in your bed or even you are in the office. We are very thankful for having a technology which we call the internet. Because of that, our works become easier. Indian people also keeps a deep interest in this amazing game and many best badminton player of the world like Saina Newhall, P.kashyap are belongs from India.

As we see the best and largest badminton players comes from China and Malaysia but at this time, badminton players are coming from almost every part of the world due to its popularity. The objective of the game is to hit the bird from the opponent’s court area. It can be single or double elimination. The badminton playing area is just like of the sepak takraw playing area. Even the height of the net is the same. Playing badminton is very interesting, especially for the girls. It is easy to play.

Badminton can keep us fit

Because in this busy era, we don’t have much free time and we need a formula from which we can keep us fit in little time of span. I think these all requirements can be fulfill by this amazing and fastest game which we called the Badminton. Many colleges, school and universities organize championships and tournament of badminton. So overall badminton is not the game only but this is the real fastest game in the world. I saw a deep interest and high passion in the youth of India for this Game even I’m also a Badminton player in my University.

I think at this era people needs a game which can give them fit and healthy body and keep their mind sharp, badminton is the best option to keep body healthy and sharp mind. Many people play this game for their exercise, because badminton contains mind and body exercise. Play badminton for everyone to know how great you are in playing this game.

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