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June 2016

Around the World card game, is a game that relies on the principle of consuming liquid beverage by players. This kind of drinking game is governed by certain rules. The game itself is separated into two categories which are referred to as rounds. These two rounds differ in playing. The first turn relies on the on the principle of probability where player are asked to predict the card to be extracted while the second one absolutely an opportunity based.

Around the World (card game)

This is the first stage of the game in which the players are asked by the dealer to predict about the card to be extracted. At this stage of the game, four cards are dealt but before they are dealt with the dealer, the players are given a chance to predict about the information on each card. When the players answer the questions correctly then they might offer a drink. In this case, the player who takes the drink is an opponent of those players who answered the question correctly, but if the players answer the question wrongly then it means that they have to take the drink for themselves.

Around the World card game

Around the World card game

Some of the questions encountered in this game are as follows:

Card one

This card leads to the first question of the game. Under this card, the players must predict about the color of the card extracted.

Card two

This is the second question of the game in which the value of the card must be predicted by the players. Expected answers to this question are whether the value of the card is higher or lower than the first card extracted. Another expected an answer but rarely encountered in this game is same where the values of the two cards are the same.

Card three

At this stage of the game, the prediction must be made by players whether the value of this card lies between the values of card one and card two or lies outside the values of these cards. If the value is in between the values of the first two cards then the expected answer is ‘’in’’ and if it lies outside the expected answer is ‘’out’’.

Card four

This is the fourth stage of round one of the game. Players at this stage are required to predict about which of the first three cards suits the fourth card. Expected answers to this question are ‘’suit’’ or ‘’same’’ or ‘’different’’.

Round two of the game

At this stage of the game, all players must be involved in the game at the same time i.e no turns. Eight cards are dealt during this stage. These cards are then placed into columns which are represented by ‘’give’’ column and the ‘’take’’ column.

When any player’s card corresponds the value of the card disclosed then they must give or take the drinks. The amount of drink each card is equivalent increases as the cards are disclosed. The values of drinks are named in tradition manner, for example, ‘’one drink’’, ‘’two drinks’’, ‘’four drinks’’ and ‘’half a beer’’.


In the second round, there is an increase in drink value of each card extracted. This increase drink value may also be applicable in the first round of the game. The purpose of this is to increase the amount of the drink to be consumed.

For the amount of drink consumed to be reduced, values of the cards in the second round are reduced. This is done to permits for more rounds to be played. The quality number of the drinks is counted two times the value of a face card.

In the second round of the game, the values of cards are increased in the order of one, two, half a beer and a whole beer.

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