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November 2018

Gambling businesses are illegal in Malaysia. So, is it impossible to bet online with MYR? The answer is definitely no. In fact, there may be advantages of online betting in Malaysian Ringgit currency! What are those? Read this post to know.

Advantages of Online Betting in Malaysian Ringgit Currency


Advantages of Online Betting in Malaysian Ringgit Currency

Advantages of Online Betting in Malaysian Ringgit Currency

Benefits of Betting Online

For Malaysian bettors, Malaysian online gambling sites like casinoqq801 best live Malaysia casino site & online betting games are actually very beneficial. Here’s why:

  • Malaysian bettors can play with them legally. Since the Common Gambling Houses Act only controls offline casinos and public gambling, Malaysian bettors can use online betting platforms and go around this rule.
  • The platform itself is very flexible. For one, bettors can play anytime because of the services open for 24/7. In exception of server maintenance or bad internet connection, it’s not impossible to bet online anytime.
  • Online betting is played via mobile gadgets. As long as bettors have any mobile gadget on hand, they can gamble online anywhere they wanted. Not to mention, betting sites offer apps these days, which means bettors doesn’t have to log in every single time they want to play.
  • Every process in online betting is, well, online. If bettor uses a virtual bank account or banking apps, then they can deposit and withdraw money online. This will be convenient especially if bettors play outside the working hours.

Online Betting in MYR

The online betting platform itself seems to bring a lot of advantages, especially on the aspect of convenience. However, one question may linger in Malaysian bettors’ minds; since betting sites have to get their certification outside Malaysia, is it impossible to bet with MYR directly?

Surprise, the answer is no! There are actually online betting sites based in Malaysia that earned their certification from a nearby country (such as the Philippines) and are supported by big Malaysian banks. So, bettors can bet with MYR in such sites with added benefits:

  • Obviously, there’s no need to convert the currencies since bettors can bet directly with MYR.
  • It’s easier to bet smaller because games with MYR usually offer lower betting limits compared to games using USD.
  • Because bettors can transfer money in one step (just through ATM or online banking apps), depositing and withdrawing are easier as well.
  • Betting sites that offer MYR usually offer Malaysian in their language preset and customer services as well. In other words, the site will allow Malaysian bettors to communicate with the admin in the language, which is preferred by Malaysian players because it is more familiar compared to English.
  • Sites that support Malaysian language and currency often offer special promos on MYR as well. These promotions are often exclusive to Malaysian, which give Malaysian players higher advantage compared to bettors from other countries.

It may be impossible to find an online platform exclusive to Malaysian, but that doesn’t mean bettors can’t bet with MYR! In fact, there are advantages of online betting in Malaysian Ringgit currency. So join any kinds of Malaysia casino gambling websites like casinoonlineqq808 top casino live gaming website in Malaysia and earn lots of Malaysian Ringgit!

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